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WALPA’s “Bill Watch” Legislation:

During the March 5, 2013 Board of Directors meeting both SB 5702 (“An ACT relating to aquatic invasive species) and SB 5596 (“An ACT authoring certain code cities to take action necessary to remove harmful sediment from the deepest portions of any lake located within the boundaries of the code city”) were reviewed. The Board agreed to support SB 5702 but it is opposed to SB 5596. The WALPA Board of Directors encourages all WALPA members and concerned citizens to express their opposition to SB 5596. Once you have had the opportunity to review SB 5596 please consider sending the following message to your legislators:

“This letter/email is written to inform you that as a member of the Washington Lake Protection Association organization I am opposed to SB 5596. Even though dredging is an important method to treat toxic lake conditions, it is critical that this very expensive technology is implemented only with proper oversight and only after due consideration of the possible benefits and dangers of such an invasive technique. Most code cities do not have the resources or expertise to prevent the inherent complications and liabilities associated with this bill.

While we applaud the intent to address ongoing water quality problems in State of Washington lakes, we believe that current safeguards are necessary and should not be bypassed.”



SB 5702


SB 5596


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