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Waterline, the quarterly newsletter of the Washington State Lake Protection Association, advocates lake protection, values lakes as a resource, and informs members on activities of the organization. It links varied interests in lakes and encourages readers to approach lake management from a broad perspective. It provides information on new technology.

Articles in the newsletter include new emerging lakes’ issues, new technology and projects; news from state agencies about lakes’ programs, grants or conferences; reports from the Board of Directors about projects or issues addressed; and more.

Newsletter Editorial Committee

The committee suggests topics and articles for the newsletter. They may contact someone to write the article.

News is submitted to the editor for editing, formatting, printing, and finally distribution. The newsletter is mailed to WALPA members and environmental reporters in the media.

Advertise in the Waterline

We accept advertising from companies that provide lake-related services or sell products. We accept ads for environmentally-friendly products or services. Ads can run once or annually (annual rate is discounted 20%).

For more information on Advertising in the Waterline visit our Advertise with Waterline page.

For More Information

Contact: info@walpa.org

Sally Abella, BiJay Adams, Jim Gawel, Beth leDoux, Jacob McCann, and Josh Wozniak, Publications Committee

Polly Freeman, Waterline Editor

Disclaimer: WALPA reserves the right to edit story submissions for grammar and length.

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