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  • WATERLINE - December, 2011

    NALMS Symposium visits Spokane

    by Bijay Adams

    The North American Lake Management Society held its 31st International Symposium October 26-28 at the Spokane Convention Center. It had been nearly 20 years since NALMS came to the Northwest, and the Convention Center, on the banks of the Spokane River, offered the perfect venue. The symposium presented a variety of educational and technical information on the theme of Diverse and Sustainable Lake Management.

    Welcoming NALMS to Spokane was Andy Billig, State Representative for Washington’s Third District in the heart of Spokane. Representative Billig discussed his efforts as the prime sponsor of HB 1489, a bill that eliminated unnecessary phosphorous in lawn fertilizer, reducing toxic algae blooms and making waterways across the state, including the Spokane River, safer for people, wildlife, and pets. Dr. John Stockner, of Eco-Logic Ltd. and the University of British Columbia Fisheries Centre, kicked off the conference with a plenary talk on how lakes react to nutrient imbalances caused by both excesses and losses of needed nutrients. Over two days, participants chose from dozens of presentations on lake issues from cyanobacteria to noxious weeds to aeration and modeling. Four concurrent sessions full of impressive talks and information from around North America ran throughout both days of the conference.

    Apart from the formal program, networking opportunities allowed people from the scientific, environmental, recreational, residential, government and other communities to compare notes on important water management issues. At a Wednesday night reception sponsored by Hach Hydromet, attendees socialized while checking out the impressive poster sessions from students and colleagues around North America. On Thursday, the NALMS annual banquet featured the McManus Comedies starring Tim Behrens and based on the writing of humorist Patrick F. McManus, whose stories describe his life growing up in Idaho and eastern Washington.

    With 480 attendees, the symposium was a huge success, but would not have been possible without the generous support of our sponsors. These included: the US Army Corps of Engineers, Aquarius Systems, Avista, Freese and Nichols, Golder Associates, HAB Aquatic Solutions, Hach Hydromet, Herrera, Idaho Department of Environmental Quality, Liberty Lake Sewer and Water District, PhycoTech, Princeton Hydro, Smith Root, Spokane County Utilities, Spokane River Stewardship Partners, Spokane Riverkeeper, Sweetwater Technologies, Tennessee Valley Authority, Washington Department of Ecology – Shorelands & Environmental Assistance Program and Washington Department of Ecology – Water Quality Program.

    Local Host Committee

    Local Host Committee member BiJay Adams (second from left) with other NALMS attendees

    Both members and board members of WALPA were instrumental to the success of the event as they served on the Local Host Committee, putting together an impressive list of talks and presentations, recruiting wonderful sponsors and keeping the symposium fun. At the annual business meeting during Friday’s lunch, WALPA board members discussed possible changes to the aquatic weed permit fee and to WALPA’s membership structure (stay tuned), congratulated retiring board members, welcomed new board members, and reviewed changes to the website and Waterline. Plenty of discussion ensued and the incoming board has a full slate of issues to contemplate at its next meeting.

    Next year, WALPA will hold its annual conference in central Washington. Watch for more information in the Waterline. Thanks to everyone who made the NALMS 31st International Symposium such a success!




    NALMS Symposium visits Spokane

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