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  • WATERLINE - June, 2024

    More than 100 attend Lakeside Dialogues workshop in May!

    On May 15th, WALPA hosted its third annual Western Washington Lakes Workshop! This year’s theme was Lakeside Dialogues: A Virtual Town Hall. This free event was hosted and planned by WALPA’s Public Outreach committee as an opportunity to ask questions of your regional lake experts. Panelists included Wes Glisson and Shawn Utican from Washington Department of Ecology, Marisa Burghdoff from Snohomish County, Wafa Tafesh from King County, and Terry McNabb from Aquatechnex.


    Thank you to our panel of lake experts and thank you to everyone that participated in the conference! We heard from people across 63 unique lakes from around Washington, Idaho –and Mumbai! More than 100 people joined us and asked countless questions regarding permitting, nutrients, climate change, lake monitoring and so much more. The Public Outreach committee is working on ways to answer questions that were submitted and follow up with resources mentioned at the conference.

    A very special thank you to our 27 donors and to Western Washinton University for sponsoring the event. Lucky prize winners won a Rite in the Rain bundle, RTIC cooler, 10L dry bag, and WALPA gear from our merch shop!

    Keep an eye on our website for future resources or to contact any of the panelists: https://www.walpa.org/annual-conference/western-washington-lakes-workshop/