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WATERLINE - September, 2012

Vote on these bylaw changes in October!

The WALPA Board of Directors is proposing changes to the organization’s bylaws to help retain members and clarify the participation required of Board members. Changes are marked in bold below.

The small change with regard to membership would add “college” as an appropriate student qualification. The larger membership change is to modify memberships from an annual to a lifetime basis once a person joins. With this change, we should retain a larger membership base and assure that members are better informed on WALPA issues and activities. Only people who attend the annual conference will have voting rights, but everyone will receive Waterline and other announcements. A member can easily remove his or her name from the WALPA email list by contacting info@walpa.org.

The change regarding Board of Directors’ duties and responsibilities is to clarify the policy on removing a board member for lack of attendance and/or participation. It also allows a member to resign formally. The intent is to better address those cases in which a board member is not able to complete the duties required of officers and directors.

The proposed changes are:



SECTION B. The Association shall have four categories of voting membership as listed and generally defined below:

Student — high school, college, or university students who are interested in lake and watershed management.


SECTION D. The membership year of the Association shall end on March 31st of each year or at the time of the annual conference, whichever occurs later in the year. Annual membership dues are pro-ratable; new members joining the second half of the year will pay half the annual dues. Dues are payable to the Washington State Lake Protection Association, for deposit by the Treasurer. Voting membership status is conferred on those individuals attending the annual conference. The board shall have a non-voting category of membership defined as those members that contribute financially to the organization, but do not attend the annual conference.



SECTION G. Resignation and Absences. Resignation from the Board must be in writing and received by the Secretary. Regular attendance at Board and Association Meetings by all Officers and Directors is expected. An Officer or Director may be removed by a vote of the Board if he/she has three consecutive unexcused absences from meetings of the Board or Association. Replacements for resigned or removed Board members shall be selected as set forth in ARTICLE IX.


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Vote on these bylaw changes in October!


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