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WA Lake Water Quality Information


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Monitoring Entity,Description
Chelan County Natural Resources Department,”With assistance from volunteers and funding from the WA Department of Ecology, the Chelan County Natural Resources Department conducted water quality monitoring in Lake Wenatchee from 2008-2011 to address concerns from local residents about deteriorating lake health.”
Clark County Environmental Services,”Lake monitoring was conducted in past years by Clark County, with data and reports available upon request.”
Institute for Watershed Studies (WWU),”The Institute for Watershed Studies (IWS) conducts water quality monitoring each spring/late summer in Lake Whatcom and many other lakes in the Pacific Northwest. IWS is an affiliation of Huxley College of the Environment at Western Washington University. Water quality data and reports for the lakes are provided online.”
Jefferson County Public Health,”Jefferson County Public Health conducts monthly monitoring of bluegreen algae/toxins at three lakes: Anderson Lake, Gibbs Lake, and Lake Leland. Lake observations and statuses are posted online.”
King County,”With assistance from volunteers, King County conducts water quality monitoring at more than 50 lakes in western King County. Water quality data, reports, and information about the lakes are provided online.”
King County – Large Lakes,”King County monitors the ecological health of major lakes in King County: Union, Washington, and Sammamish Lakes. Water quality data, status and trends, reports, and other information about the lakes are provided online.”
Kitsap Public Health District,”Kitsap Public Health District monitors water quality of Kitsap County’s marine waters, lakes, and streams through the Pollution Identification & Correction Program (PIC) program. The primary focus is waters polluted with fecal bacteria. Shellfish and swimming beach advisories are posted online. Water quality reports are also available online.”
Lake Pend Oreille Waterkeeper,”Established in 2012, the Lake Pend Oreille Water Quality Monitoring Program (WQMP) conducts citizen-based long-term monitoring at Lake Pend Oreille from June-October each year. Water quality data and graphs are provided online.”
National Park Service,”Through the North Coast and Cascades Network (NCCN), the National Park Service conducts monitoring of mountain lakes at Mount Rainier, North Cascades, and Olympic National Parks. One objective of the monitoring is to determine the natural variation and long term trends in selected physical, chemical, and biological water quality parameters in reference lakes and pond.”
Pierce Conservation District,”Pierce Conservation District works with volunteers through its volunteer water quality program to conduct lake monitoring from May-October of each year. The goals of the program are to provide education about lakes and lake processes, as well as water quality data to assist in lake management decisions.”
Snohomish County,”Snohomish County’s Surface Water Management works with volunteers to monitor lake water quality in the County’s lakes. Current and historical lake water quality data are provided in an online database.”
Thurston County Public Health & Social Services,”Thurston County conducts water quality monitoring in streams and lakes across Thurston County. Annual reports are provided online. A searchable water quality database is also provided online.”
WA Department of Ecology – Aquatic Plants,”The WA Department of Ecology conducts statewide monitoring of freshwater aquatic plants. The purpose of the program is to track aquatic plant community changes in lakes and rivers throughout the state, concentrating on invasive non-native species such as Eurasian milfoil.”
WA Department of Ecology – National Lakes Survey,”As part of the EPA-funded National Lakes Survey, the WA Department of Ecology conducted water quality sampling at 30 lakes across Washington State in 2007 and again in 2012. A report of results is available online.”
WA Department of Ecology – Mercury,”The WA Department of Ecology’s Toxics Studies Unit conducts monitoring to assess trends in mercury levels in fish from lakes across WA State. Annual result reports are available online.”
WA Department of Ecology – Lake Sediment Toxics,”The WA Department of Ecology’s Toxic Studies Unit collects sediment cores from lakes across WA State to assess trends in persistent, bioaccumulative, toxic (PBT) chemicals in lake sediments. Annual result reports are available online.”
WA Department of Ecology – Toxic Algae,”The WA Department of Ecology’s Freshwater Algae Control Program provides a freshwater cyanobacterial identification and toxicity-testing service. A toxic algae database for WA State lakes, ponds, and streams was developed in partnership with King County.”
WA Department of Ecology – Lakes WQ,”From 1989-1997, The WA Department of Ecology conducted statewide water quality monitoring of about 60 lakes each year. Historical monitoring reports are available online. Historical water quality data are available through Ecology’s environmental monitoring database or lakes database.


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WA Department of Ecology,”Lakes Monitored by Ecology’s Lake Water Quality Monitoring Program From 1989 through 1997
Volunteer Water Quality Monitoring National Water Resources Project,Volunteer Water Quality Monitoring and Master Naturalist Programs in the US
WA Department of Ecology,Water Supply Bulletins (historic survey data from lakes in WA State)
WA Department of Ecology,Documentation of Lakes Monitored by Ecology’s Freshwater Monitoring Unit
WA Department of Ecology,Reports available for lakes monitored by Ecology’s Freshwater Monitoring Unit
WA Department of Fish and Wildlife,Trout Fishing in Washington’s High Elevation Lakes
Washington State Hi-Lakers,The Washington State Hi-Lakers: Dedicated to High Lakes Fishing and Preserving the Mountain Environment
WA Department of Ecology,Statewide freshwater aquatic plant (macrophyte) monitoring data from 1994 to present
WA Department of Ecology,Statewide Lake Monitoring (1989-2005)
WA Department of Ecology,Washington State Lakes Environmental Data
WA Department of Ecology,Washington State Toxic Algae: Freshwater Algae Bloom Monitoring Program

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