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Legislative Initiatives

WALPA’s “Bill Watch” Legislation:

Water Quality

HB 1822 – 2021-22 Improving Puget Sound water quality.

SB 5786 – 2021-22 Protecting Puget Sound from wastewater pollution by requiring the department of ecology to strengthen the Puget Sound nutrient general permit.

SB 5525 – 2021-22 Allowing persons to take immediate action to remedy water quality conditions to protect public health and welfare without the threat of penalty.


HB 1856 – 2021-22 Adding counties to the voluntary stewardship program.

HB 1631 – 2021-22 Supporting Washington’s food production system by providing technical assistance in support of improved voluntary environmental stewardship.


SB 5665 – 2021-22 Protecting, restoring, and maintaining habitat for salmon recovery.

SB 5306 – 2021-22 Concerning local salmon habitat recovery planning in critical areas.

HB 1869 – 2021-22 Encouraging salmon recovery through voluntary stewardship.

Conservation and Protection

SJR 8210 – 2021-22, HJR 4205 – 2021-22, HJR 4209 – 2021-22 Adding a new section to the Washington state Constitution regarding the conservation and protection of the state’s natural resources.

SB 5721 – 2021-22 Consolidating natural resource management under the commissioner of public lands.

SB 5207 – 2021-22 Concerning environmental permit streamlining.

SB 5081 – 2021-22 Concerning the burden of proof in disputes involving enforcement actions by certain regulatory agencies.

SJM 8008 – 2021-22 Asking the United States Government to enter into a fossil fuel nonproliferation treaty.

SB 5608 – 2021-22 Concerning free public access to state parks and lands.

SB 5392 – 2021-22 Concerning criteria for excluding artificial water bodies as shorelines of the state.

SB 5585 – 2021-22 Setting domestic wastewater discharge fees. By Request: Department of Ecology

HB 1200 – 2021-22 Requiring private operation of publicly owned sewerage systems that fail to achieve minimum water quality performance.

HB 1606 – 2021-22 Concerning the correction of culverts.

HB 1753 – 2021-22 Concerning tribal consultation regarding the use of certain funding authorized by the climate commitment act.

Supporting documents:

WACD Harmful Algae Bloom (HAB) Management in Washington Report.


SB 5141 – 2021-22 Implementing the recommendations of the environmental justice task force.

SB 5063 – 2021-22 Concerning the expiration date of the invasive species council.


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