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Western Washington Lakes Workshop

Join us for the 2nd Annual

Western WA Lakes Workshop!

May 6th, 2023, 10am – 12:45pm

This event is perfect for lake-area residents and recreators that are interested in learning more about lake ecosystems and connecting with communities across Western Washington.

This year’s workshop is all about fishing! Here’s what you can learn from the presenters:

Lake ecology that affects fish

Drew Stang, Four Peaks Environmental

Drew Stang is an Environmental Scientist with Four Peaks Environmental who specializes in fish ecology and limnology. He will be discussing standard lake ecology principles and how they relate to fish populations.

Aquatic Invasive Species

Julian Olden, UW School of Aquatic Fisheries & Science

Washington lakes are under threat from invasive species that can inflict significant ecological and economic damage. However, nonnative species can also be benign. Julian Olden’s talk will explore some of the commonly observed animal invaders in Washington lakes, and start to better understand what harm they cause, and what we can do about it.

Local fish stocking and access

Justin Spinelli, WDFW

Justin Spinelli is a Fisheries Biologist for the North Puget Sound region at the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. He will be discussing local fish stocking efforts and lake fishing opportunities in Western Washington.

Lake contaminant monitoring 

Kuba Bednarek, WA ECY

Kuba Bednarek oversees the Freshwater Fish Contaminant Monitoring Program for the Department of Ecology. He will discuss the history and purpose of the program, methods and statewide results, and where the program is headed in the future.

Contaminants & fish consumption advisories

Emerson Christie, WA DOH

Emerson Christie is a Toxicologist with the WA Department of Health. He will discuss the fish consumption advisory process and ways to reduce your exposure to contaminants.

Pre-registration is required for this free, online event.

2023 Reel Science Workshop Flyer

2023 Reel Science Workshop Agenda


If you have any questions about this event, please reach out to Katie Ruthenberg at info@walpa.org.

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