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The Waterline newsletter

The Waterline is a quarterly newsletter for the Washington State Lake Protection Association (WALPA). We accept advertising from companies that provide lake-related services or sell products. We accept ads for environmentally-friendly products or services. Ads can run once or annually (annual rate is discounted 20%)

Advertisement size and cost (per issue) and annual (4 issues)

Column Placement

(210px wide x 220px tall) – $300 – $1000

Article Banner

(430px wide x 100px tall) – $180 – $600


Production information

The Waterline is posted, ads intact, in electronic format on the WALPA web site (https://www.walpa.org/waterline/) and is available in printable format and archived. A Column Placement ad is a right-hand column ad that is 210px wide by no taller than 500px and reoccurs throughout the entire Waterline edition. An Article Banner is an article ad that is 430px wide by no taller than 100px and is only available in one specific article. Ads include a live link to your website. WALPA requires web-ready artwork in color (no additional charge) or black and white. If ads require additional artwork, design, or significant manipulation by the newsletter designer, the additional design time will be billed to the advertiser at the designer’s hourly rate. We prefer jpg or gif files at 72 dpi, but can also accept In-Design, AI, PSD, tiff, pdf, and eps formats. Email ads to info@walpa.org. If the ad file is large, please contact us for a link to upload your files.

Deadlines and Publication Dates

Feb. 1                        March 1

May 1                         June 1

August 1                   September 1

November 1             December 1


Using PayPal

Complete the online ad form and submit payment to WALPA through our verified PayPal site.

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Using Traditional Mail

If you prefer to mail payment, please complete the Waterline ad form and sent it to to following address:
PO Box 4245
Seattle, WA  98194
For more information, email us here

Thank you for advertising with us!