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WATERLINE - September, 2022

First-ever Western Washington lakes workshop a zooming success!

In June, WALPA hosted its first annual Western Washington Lakes Workshop. The event was planned by WALPA’s Public Outreach Committee as an opportunity for lake-area residents and recreators to learn more about lake ecosystems and connect with communities across Western Washington.

Fifty-five people tuned in to Zoom to learn and share their experiences on local lakes. During the first half, experts presented on “Lakes 101,” addressing the topics of organizing a lake group, toxic algae, and aquatic plants. The second half kicked off with an open forum: three community members shared stories and pictures from Crystal Lake, Lake Marcel, and Vancouver Lake. A lively conversation followed with lots of questions, comments, advice, and ideas shared among many participants.

The event concluded by announcing the giveaway prizes made possible by the workshop sponsors: AquaTechnex, Herrera, Western Washington University, Crystal Lake, Inc., and Friends of Vancouver Lake. Thank you sponsors!

We also tried something new with this workshop. To increase participation and expand all of our lake communities, we had an interactive “community board”. On this board, participants were able to ask questions of each presenter, share contact information, and ask other lake recreators about experiences on their lake. This helped grow our lake community just a little bit as we shared information and advice about geese and waterfowl management, toxic algae, and much more!

It was a joy to come together as a group. Thank you to everyone who participated and helped shape the workshop. If you could not attend, we hope you can make it next year!

We’d love to hear your ideas for more WALPA-sponsored events! Please send ideas to the Public Outreach Committee chair at info@walpa.org.