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WATERLINE - June, 2012

Where are they now? Update on WALPA scholarship winner Elizabeth Rosenberger

Elizabeth Rosenberger received a scholarship from WALPA in 2006 to help fund her Master’s research about the effects of shoreline development on the nearshore environment of a large, deep, oligotrophic lake in Olympic National Park. During this time she also had the opportunity to travel to Scotland to take Kindrogan’s Freshwater Algae Identification course. In 2007 Elizabeth graduated from the University of Idaho with a Master’s degree in Fisheries Science. Findings from her master’s research have since been published in two scientific journals: Freshwater Biology (2008) and Marine & Freshwater Research (2011). The next year she began working in Bellingham for the Whatcom County Health Department, where she helped mitigate the impacts of residential septic systems on water quality in the Drayton Harbor watershed. Elizabeth moved to Boise, Idaho in 2009, where she currently works for the U.S. Forest Service evaluating the effects of reservoir operations on river ecology below a dam. In 2011, she received the Rocky Mountain Research Station Outstanding Early Career Award.

Since moving to Boise, Elizabeth has volunteered with The Peregrine Fund’s World Center for Birds of Prey and the Idaho Commission for Libraries. She takes advantage of Idaho’s outdoor opportunities by camping, hiking, biking and horseback riding. She also loves fishing with her husband and two dogs.



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