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WATERLINE - August, 2023

Early career panel to be featured at October conference

A special event for students only (and those in their first few years out in the wild)!

Following Friday morning’s sessions, join not-so-seasoned professionals as they share their perspectives and experiences as young professionals in limnology and related fields.

Panelists will include Lyddie Austin, Project Engineer; Corinne Klohmann, Water Quality Scientist; Drew Stang, Environmental Scientist; Wafa Tafesh, Water Quality Planner; and Diane Yeh, Environmental Aide.

Lunch will be provided courtesy of Herrera Environmental Consultants! Please note your intention to attend and chow down during registration. Remember, registration on Friday is free for students, so be sure to attend the morning’s sessions before the lunch at noon.

The specific location of the panel and additional details will be provided in the conference brochure.