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WATERLINE - March, 2013

Advertise in Waterline

Get the word out to your target audience! Waterline, the quarterly newsletter of the Washington State Lake Protection Association (WALPA), accepts advertising from companies that sell lake-related and/or environmentally-friendly services or products. Ads can run once or annually (the annual rate is discounted 20%).

Waterline is posted, ads intact, in electronic format on the WALPA web site (https://www.walpa.org/waterline) and is available in printable format and archived. A Column Placement ad is a right-hand column ad 210px wide by no taller than 500px; it recurs through an entire edition. An Article Banner is an ad 430px wide by no taller than 100px that is available with one specific article only. Ads include a live link to your website.  For more information on advertising in Waterline, visit: https://www.walpa.org/waterline/advertise-with-waterline.