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WATERLINE - March, 2017

YSI, a gold sponsor of WALPA, offers a variety of tools to monitor water quality

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YSIYSI, a Xylem brand, understands the challenges of working in natural environments around the world, such as the lakes, reservoirs, rivers, streams, and shoreline of Washington. We have a strong focus on finding local solutions for the world’s most difficult water quality challenges.

Surface Water Protection

Surface water in Washington, like everywhere else, is threatened daily by harmful algal blooms, sediment blooms, non-point contamination, and more. Consistent and reliable monitoring efforts are critical for the protection of our lakes. Waterline readers are the front lines of that defense, and YSI wants you to know that we have your back.

For over 65 years, YSI has partnered with water quality professionals like those in WALPA. We provide the necessary tools to make data-driven decisions in complex environments. Tools like portable YSI photometers and colorimeters allow professionals to glean a wealth of information from water samples on-site, including data on over 100 quality parameters (ammonia to zinc).

Baseline Sampling and Monitoring

YSI Pro Plus Meter

For baseline water quality information — temperature, conductivity, pH, ORP, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, and ISEs — our handheld instruments are ideal. They provide a live dashboard of sensor data for spot sampling and profiling, and have a range of features and functions that you can choose from for your sampling applications.

Our popular YSI Pro Series models continue to garner rave reviews. And our most advanced handheld instrument, the YSI ProDSS, raises the bar even higher with flexible sensor payloads and the field ruggedness you expect from YSI.

Continuous, Multiparameter Monitoring

For a more complete set of water quality data, continuous monitoring is critical. YSI multiparameter sondes — like YSI EXO sondes — can be deployed anywhere to autonomously collect baseline water quality data and provide early warning for events like harmful algal blooms. Simply set these systems and let them do your heavy lifting; recording field data at regular intervals for up to 90 days straight.

YSI EXO sondes

EXO sondes are a revolution in monitoring. They have the flexibility of a handheld instrument with long-term monitoring capabilities. When continuous monitoring data isn’t enough, sonde technology (coupled with the power of telemtry) is your answer.

View data from EXO sondes from your office using the Storm 3 Data Logger. Set up alarms to warn you if certain parameters exceed your predetermined thresholds. Improve your  decisions by having your data brought immediately to your desktop computer, smart phone, or tablet.

YSI even provides bathymetry tools, training, and on-site operation for shallow-to-deep water lakes and reservoirs.

Why YSI?

YSI products have a low overall cost of ownership due to their quality engineering, infrequent down time and repairs, and affordable parts.

Yet the number one advantage in working with YSI is direct access to our employees: knowledgeable, customer-focused technical and applications advisors committed to helping you find new and better ways to manage your lakes.

Partnering with YSI is more than instrumentation; it’s our commitment to provide best-in-class customer service and after-sales support.

Read more about our passion for water at YSI.com/Blog or call us at 1-937-688-4255.