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  • WATERLINE - September, 2012

    Register now for the 2012 WALPA Conference in Wenatchee!

    The Future of Lakes: The Next Generation of Limnology Research and Mitigation.

    This year, the Washington State Lake Protection Association (WALPA) will host its annual conference in beautiful Wenatchee. Join us on October 24-26 at the Coast Wenatchee Center Hotel and Convention Center. Workshops are scheduled for the afternoon of October 24 (algae, aquatic plants, YSI and Hach Hydromet); registration and exhibit setup will begin at 6:00 AM Thursday, October 25.

    Additional session topics include:

    • Central Washington Lakes
    • Invasive vs. Native Species: Plants and Animals (2 sessions)
    • Internal Cycling and Water Chemistry
    • Toxic Algae
    • Mitigation: Sediments and Water Column (2 sessions)
    • Student Research: New Ideas in Limnology
    • Fish: Monitoring and Health
    • Current Technology/Methods for Lake Monitoring

    And of course you will not want to miss the Thursday evening wine and cider tasting social!

    Abstracts can be submitted here no later than September 30th!
    Abstracts should be 250 words or less and should include a title and short description. Both talks and posters will be accepted. Submissions will be considered in the order received, so send yours early!

    Register now

    To participate, exhibit or be a sponsor of the 2012 WALPA Conference visit the WALPA registration pages. (PayPal account is not required.) Don’t delay! Early bird registration ends September 23! See you there!

    WALPA will also be continuing its annual photo contest.

    Submit your favorite photo to info@walpa.org or to Beth LeDoux at Beth.Ledoux@kingcounty.gov.
    For more information about the conference, contact Jim Gawel at (253) 692-5815, jimgawel@u.washington.edu.



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    Register now for the 2012 WALPA Conference in Wenatchee!

    Diamond Lake: Clean Boats, Clean Waters

    Freshwater aquatic plants - what are they good for?

    Quagga and zebra mussels not yet found in Columbia Basin - let's keep it that way!

    Vote on these bylaw changes in October!


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