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June, 2023

Eastern Washington/Northern Idaho Regional Lakes Conference returns!

The 20th annual Eastern Washington/Northern Idaho Regional Lakes Conference was a big success! The conference resumed this year after a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic and it was great to have everyone together again. The conference took place on Saturday, March 18th from 9-2 at Spokane Community College’s Lair Auditorium. Thanks to our sponsors, the conference was free to participants and lunch was provided. More than 50 people attended; lake association members, academic researchers, students, government agencies, contractors, and other professionals all came together to network and share information about lakes.


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Second annual Western Washington lakes workshop was a reel-y good time!

On May 6th, WALPA hosted its second annual Western Washington Lakes Workshop: Reel Science. This free event was hosted and planned by WALPA’s Public Outreach Committee as an opportunity for fishers, lake recreators, students, homeowners’ associations, and managers to learn more about lake fishing topics.



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WALPA to host student and early-career mentor program

Based on feedback from our members about the need to foster connections within our society, WALPA’s DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) Committee is pleased to announce that WALPA will host a Student and Early Career Mentor Program for its members. We hope this program will benefit both mentees and mentors: mentees will receive valuable professional advice and networking opportunities, while mentors will gain valuable skills in mentorship and a chance to give back.


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Pilot study at Newman Lake features advanced individual wastewater treatment systems

by Lindsay Chutas and Kennet Bertelsen, PE, Morrison-Maierle Inc.

Poor water quality has been a widespread, long-term issue impacting property owners around Newman Lake. Previous studies have shown that stormwater runoff and inadequate septic systems are contributing to elevated nitrogen and phosphorus levels in the lake. Most of the phosphorus loading at Newman Lake is in the form of biological reactive phosphorus and is readily available for immediate algal uptake upon reaching the lake. Many parcels around the lake cannot meet current on-site sewage (OSS) disposal requirements. This is primarily due to lack of available area for primary and secondary drainfields or poor soil conditions.


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Quantifying how artificial light at night in Lake Washington increases predation risk for juvenile salmon

by Tessa Code, Master’s student, University of Washington School of Aquatic and Fisheries Sciences

In aquatic ecosystems, daily light fluctuations signal refuging or foraging periods and seasonal changes in light cycles serve as cues for migration and reproduction. Artificial light at night (ALAN) is disrupting natural light cycles by extending twilight periods, increasing nocturnal light levels, and blurring indicators of seasonal change. ALAN threatens juvenile salmon survival – to an extent that has not been addressed — by enhancing the foraging conditions of their predators.


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Save the date for this year’s conference: October 4-6 at UW Tacoma! Submit abstracts by July 1!

by Matt Colston, WALPA Board President

Washington State Lake Protection AssociationI am excited to announce that the 2023 annual conference – WALPA’s 36th — will be held at the University of Washington’s Tacoma campus on October 4-6. This year’s theme will be Fish and Beyond in Our Lakes. Presentations will highlight climate change, lake pollution, and lake management strategies on fisheries in Pacific Northwest lakes.


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Share photos of your favorite lake!

This year for Lake Appreciation Month, WALPA wants to see your photos of your favorite lake!

In July, during Lake Appreciation Month, we will be sharing your photos of our website, social media, and possibly other formats. Come back to our website in July to view lake photos from around the region!



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