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March, 2023

Welcome to 2023!

By Matt Colston, WALPA Board President

Washington State Lake Protection AssociationWelcome to the first Waterline of 2023! We have so many things going on at WALPA in this first quarter of the year! We are planning the Western Washington Conference and more outreach opportunities are coming up. The Annual Conference Committee anticipates that the next annual conference will be in either Tacoma or Bellingham at the end of September or beginning of October to avoid being too close to the NALMS conference. Stand by for further information and updates! We are also hoping to open our WALPA store soon, featuring items with a new design along with our classic original.


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2023 legislative update: it’s that time of year again!

by Matt Colston

As the state legislative session gets underway, WALPA’s legislative committee is tracking bills working their way through the cycle. There are very few this session that relate directly to lake protection.

The bill HB 1750 is focused on encouraging water safety and rescue and drowning prevention, and recognizing May 15 as water safety day. I think we can all get behind that. It has been referred to the Rules Committee, so let’s support it and help it move forward.

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Biogeochemical and physical mechanisms both contribute to daily arsenic cycling in Lake Killarney, Washington

By Samantha Fung (PhD candidate, University of Washington Civil and Environmental Engineering Department.)

Both physical and biogeochemical mechanisms impact the movement of gases, nutrients, and toxins throughout lakes. Unfortunately, more often than not, biogeochemical and physical processes in lakes are studied in isolation, rather than in tandem. Our team at the University of Washington (UW) is studying arsenic-contaminated lakes in the south-central Puget Sound region and working towards bridging this research gap by examining how physical and biogeochemical mechanisms interact to influence the cycling of arsenic in lakes.

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Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho: this one’s for you! 

Sign up now to attend the 20th Annual Northern ID/Eastern WA Regional Lakes Conference!
The purpose of this conference is to provide a forum for the exchange of information and experiences of residents and lake associations so we can all learn more about our lakes and watersheds. Hosted by the Liberty Lake Sewer and Water District, Spokane Community College Water Science Program, and the Washington Lake Protection Association.


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Taiga Wetlands – How volunteers restored habitat in an urban lake with constructed floating wetlands

by Rob Zisette and Eliza Spear, Herrera Environmental Consultants

Herrera Environmental Consultants has advanced lake science and management and advocated for Washington lakes since the company’s inception over 40 years ago. We believe that an engaged and passionate group of private individuals is crucial to the success of environmental restoration and preservation efforts. We are excited to share (and to have been a part of) the story of bringing floating wetlands to Seattle’s Green Lake to benefit bird and fish habitat and improve water quality.


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Students examine Asian clam invasion in Lake Ozette

by Allison Simmons, Alexandra Tyler, and Nathaniel Iwakoshi, Walla Walla University undergraduate students; and David Cowles, PhD., Walla Walla University Professor of Biology

During the summer of 2021, Allison Simmons, Alexandra Tyler, Nathaniel Iwakoshi, and David Cowles studied the population dynamics of an early-stage invasion of Corbicula fluminea, the Asian clam, in Lake Ozette, Washington. This research was recognized and funded in part by a 2021 Special Group Award from the Washington Lakes Protection Association.

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Western Washington Lakes Workshop: Lake Fishing

Mark your calendar for May 6 for the 2023 Western Washington Workshop

Join the WALPA community for a morning all about lake fishing! This free, online event is perfect for anglers, recreators, and lake managers. Participants will learn about:

  • Lake ecology that affects fish
  • Local fish stocking efforts
  • Lake access, permits, and upcoming derbies
  • Contaminants and fish consumption advisories
  • Invasive animals to watch for when you are out

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Connect with WALPA on LinkedIn!

The WALPA Communications Team has started a LinkedIn page to provide news about lake management, WALPA content, events, job announcements, and more. Stay in the loop and follow us on LinkedIn!

Click here to connect


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Share photos of your favorite lake!

This year for Lake Appreciation Month, WALPA wants to see your photos of your favorite lake!

In July, during Lake Appreciation Month, we will be sharing your photos of our website, social media, and possibly other formats. Come back to our website in July to view lake photos from around the region!



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