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  • WATERLINE - March, 2023

    2023 legislative update: it’s that time of year again!

    by Matt Colston

    As the state legislative session gets underway, WALPA’s legislative committee is tracking bills working their way through the cycle. There are very few this session that relate directly to lake protection.

    The bill HB 1750 is focused on encouraging water safety and rescue and drowning prevention, and recognizing May 15 as water safety day. I think we can all get behind that. It has been referred to the Rules Committee, so let’s support it and help it move forward.

    Mark Sytsma of our legislative committee has been working with several legislators to get funding included in the budget proviso for Washington conservation district staff to work on HAB’s. These are critical resources to protect our state’s waters, so do encourage your legislators to fund these positions. More information on this issue is available HERE

    Please let me know at Walpa01@gmail.com if you think we missed anything. Thank you.